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Finally:  After 250 years,  a solution to this intriguing and important phenomena of osmosis has been found.    Many other solutions have been proposed,  no others fully explain the process and the many applications.   This book introduces a new understanding of osmosis, solids, liquids, and vapor pressure and more....   

For those that already understand osmosis, we suggest that you begin with the last chapter.  The first chapters may sound like heresy.     For others,  beginning with the first chapter will take you through the many levels of understanding that we followed to develop the Molecular Theory of Osmosis

About the Author:

Dr. Howlett is a Mechanical Engineer engaged in consulting and research with HTMD Engineering, DeKalb, Illinois. While solving practical engineering problems, he has had the opportunity to review some accepted engineering solutions from a new direction. His solid theoretical background combined with a practical approach has led to new solutions to many “solved" problems. This work focuses on a new understanding for osmosis, vapor pressure, solids, and liquids.


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