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  How To Set Up Your Website

This step-by-step guide walks you through the process of setting up your website. Once you have access to your hosting account, you are ready to follow the instructions below.


Move Your Domain To Your New Server

If you are using a custom domain rather than the domain, you will need to redirect it to your new account. In addition, we need to get your domain secured so it can be accessed by "https://". This process is outlined in detail here:


Configure Your Relationship Manager Tool

When you access your account for the first time, you are taken to your relationship manager, which is the only tool that is activated by default. before you activate other tools, you will want to go through the configurations in your relationship manager because the activation process copies the configurations from that tool, saving you lots of setup time. For details on going through the configuration settings, see .


Activate Your Other Tools

In your "Tools" menu, activate any of the tools you want to use, and configure each tool.


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