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Archieboy Holdings, LLC.

Archieboy Holdings, LLC was formed in 2001 by Bo Bennett as a holding company for several web properties. Today, the focus is on helping others with marketing through consulting, building and selling web properties, as well as building custom web properties for clients.

Our Mission.

With our consulting clients, our mission is to directly and indirectly increase revenues significantly through marketing strategies are in line with the organization's mission statement and organizational culture. With our web properties, our mission is to create web properties that are enormously successful as measured by utility, impact, and/or profitability.

Our Contact Information.

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Archieboy Holdings, LLC.
365 Boston Post Road, #311
Sudbury, MA  01776

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This Website was created by an author for authors. Bo Bennett is the author of several books, and has been self-publishing since 2004. The vast majority of his book have sold online thanks to online marketing techniques combined with the right tools to do the job. is the set of tools needed for any author to most effectively market their books and promote themselves on the Internet.


  Bo Bennett, PhD, Managing Director

Robert "Bo" Bennett started "Adgrafix", a graphic design firm, right after graduating Bryant University in 1994, with a bachelor's degree in marketing. In 1995, he sold the graphic design business but kept the name "Adgrafix" that he used for his new web hosting company. As a self-taught programmer, Bo created one of the first (perhaps the first) web-based affiliate systems and web-based web hosting interfaces. He built Adgrafix to a 5 million dollar a year business, then sold it to Allegiance Telecom in 2001.

A day after he sold Adgrafix, Bo started Archieboy Holdings, LLC as a holding company for many different web properties, some of which have become their own entities, and sold to new owners, and others which he is still running today. One of the past sales includes Boston Datacenters -- the distressed datacenter in Charlestown, MA purchased by Bo from former HarvardNet founder. He took the company from losing tens of thousands of dollars per month to profitability in less than a year. In two years time, he sold the property to Hosted Solutions. Today, the property is owned by Windstream, and it remains one of the premier datacenters in New England.

Bo is currently the founder and CEO of, a company that formats and distributes eBooks, print on demand, and digital audio books, as well as president of Archieboy Holdings.

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