If I have multiple books, how can I get a particular book to show up first in my bookstore? How can I get a book to ONLY show up in the bookstore?

If you have a paid option and you have multiple book websites, then you might have a bookstore where you are selling multiple books. But perhaps you don't want readers having to scroll through all your books to find the one they are interested in. So what you would do, is link your "read" links (or purchase links) to not the generic bookstore, but the specific book. Here is an example from my bookstore:

If I wanted to send a potential reader to my bookstore when they are not interested in any particular book, I would send them to:

But if they were interested in my book, "Squat!" (for example, if I they were on my Squat! website and clicked the "read" link. I would like that to:

Notice the "/squat" after the bookstore link. This tells the bookstore to put by book "Squat!" (my folder name for this book is "squat") top on the list, so they don't have to scroll through my 14+ books to find it.

But what if I wanted to do a promotion for Squat! and Squat! only? I want to set up a discount code so my friends and family can download this book for free, but I don't want them downloading all my other books. Unfortunately, discount codes apply to the whole bookstore. But there is a solution. I can add the "_only" to the end of the URL so ONLY that one book shows in the bookstore. Now, I can give out this direct link to prospects:

asked on Friday, Mar 26, 2021 08:39:57 AM by Bo

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