The Reality Matrix

January 10, 2017Categories: Philosophical Concepts,

The Reality Matrix graph is a visual representation of man’s gradual dissent from being human to becoming a symbolic robot. It depicts what happens to the organic creature being as it progresses to a symbol’s dementia stage. Humans are gifted with a bio-energy constant, in the beginning, [A], Genesis. Man communicated using the full complement of his five physical senses. Through Feeling Direct Knowing, a passive overlapping extrapolation of the physical senses, he had full access to an all knowing sixth sense [E].

As sound was introduced man began to want to control other men. The Reality Bridge is the beginning of the first distortion. Man begins to rely on sound as a dominant means of communication [B] which creates a sense fracture. The first stage of bio-energy degradation is when symbols enter the ear canal and the brain has to use the vibratory echo as a locator. He goes from a unquestioned trust in his direct inner sixth sense real to a fear-based obedience to ear-based vibrational programming – manmade spoken word edicts, semantic babble. He enters the Flux zone and becomes disorientated. As a result he becomes more vulnerable to externally dictated fear [F] and delusion. The Omega Icon Covert is created here.

Biblical sin enters once the written word is introduced [C] and man relies on only two of the six senses. He is easily controlled through the ear with the spoken word and through the eye with the written word. Feeling direct knowing shuts down. Neural decrepitude begins here. The distortion rate increases to 30% as man replaces the tangible, felt real with make-believe words with made-up intent bases meanings.

Evil enters as man ceases to be human and becomes a fully functional symbol acting and reacting according to externally applied labels and tags [D]. The senses are fully suppressed and man exists within his official psychological illusion [G], the game. Feelings are suppressed [genesis sabotage] and cause no conscious conflict with the symbolic man’s AI act and react roles. There are, however, serious biological repercussions that must be suppressed through psychological and chemical means.

Real is replaced by artificially defined rules and edicts that man must defended with his life. Man’s truth is entirely delusional and through the fabrication of tags, words, labels and codes he confines himself within an iconic world, The Abyss. Man agrees to play by the rules and defends the game with military might, armed aggression and psychological coercion. Men become their labels and live by intent alone, hiding behind their masks and uniforms, beneath their