Symbols are not Education

March 03, 2020Categories: Philosophical Concepts,

The human mind compiles and extrapolates everything we do, everything we day and everything we feel about what we say and do into a composite mass, a bulk message, called the emotional messenger. Knocking on our cerebral door, this courier, this runner, come to us only to find the bio-will in a deep black, confusing sleep. There is barely enough energy to hear the footsteps outside the guarded entrance gates, let alone open the door. The mind is made weak by non-dynamic use. It is calloused by loss of the brain's neural interconnected functions. The Genesis mind actually shuts down the synaptic pathways to our biological alarm system. 

A "guarded heart" is not a closed heart, but one that is on emotional hold. It exists in a self-made purgatory of sorts, waiting for the chance to reestablish the universal clarity necessary for its own ability to be fully realized, to be able to see what it must see. Its hidden fears can then be revealed when it is safe to peek over the symbols labyrinth wall. The human being constantly feeds the energy draining Minotaur patrolling and protecting the deep black recesses of the trusting befuddled mind. The way out of the labyrinthine trap was exposed by the man named Christ. The biblical Jesus defined the bio-stigma cause as idolatry. Symbols worship has the agreed effect of blinding the eyes and deafening the ears of the masses. In the Biblical Matthew 10:35 the Christ suggested that "variance" would take us out of our deluded trust invested in the man-made fear-ridden stasis. That was his purpose in coming, not to bring peace. Peace resides within. It already exists and must only be uncovered. 

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