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How wonderfully precise our god of biological energy made us. Little men are afraid to ask questions. You must ask yourself, how do I get to know what I feel? Ever wonder how all our feelings are exactingly connected? Your individual soul is endowed by the grace of genesis and is more powerful than all the group convictions in the world. Do you realize this? We will test that as an objective. Omega can only function if there are enough masks to go around and each new rule needs more masks. Then there is the buy in. How do you know when someone takes off their mask? Because you can see them and they don’t mind that you see them. Police see only what they are told they must see. They will never admit they are powerless in the presence of any genesis of human grace. Serenity is the sword of bio-grace and has no respect for any superior symbols conviction. Nothing else will stand in for the word true.

We made the symbolic copy to represent what they are pretending is true, by force, but it is not a lasting truth. The error is a sacrificial pretext that will eventually destroy us. They know retaliation is coming.

Ask yourself what is inside the petty Webster dictionary you opened as a child. In it you will not find what you need to study, made-up, pretend word-tag records. You will only find the perception of glorification in the man-made “copy” truth. Imagine that nothing you have been taught is worth anything at all! It is not your truth; it is not your knowing. If all you ever learned was to remember topical word game applications, what did you really learn? You learn the rules of the game. If you have no authorized credentials unless you have an original copy of that terminal truth, unless you become an Omega icon convert. You then become a professional symbols dealer.

Genesis Feeling Direct Knowing is the real truth, the living truth. The law given you to live under is behind the icon veil of evil. Once you know, forgetting is not an option. Genesis will speak your truth for you.

The magnificent biblical Christ was the best example of how much the clever word ape hated the living genesis truth in a real human being. Gentleness is weakness to a militant thug. Kindness is a weakness in business. You can’t buy kindness, we can’t sell it or tax it; we can however, share in its exploitation as a kind of agreed slavery. To give it away without respect and mutual dignity tells us any agreement to make us do so is core evil. Kindness has no profit incentive. How many businesses have human ethics passion?

The Roman Centurions realized the historic Jesus was not afraid of them. They beat him then had to slay him and still he did not break. Could you stand up to such cruelty? What did they want so badly to break? His spirit! Omega Imperial Government agents want to break the human spirit and process it with their made-up labels, codes and terms. That is what intent does for the empowered few. This must and will end when we wake up. How does the commandment of the military – thou shalt kill reconcile with the bible commandment thou shall not kill?

As a child you were forced to enter the label blame game. Have the blamers and the labelers stolen your spirit? The sabotage of human genesis is a professional strategy. There are institutional think tanks that study the weakness of the human being. If they can keep your fear suppressed and keep fear as your enemy – you stay broken. How does this work? It takes lots of cronies with false empowered rights to keep the system working against the people. Their calculated clever plans work on your symbols indentured mind. Lawyers know the ropes and the ropes are draped around the necks of the common man. This systemic disorder is failing at a fast rate. The conniving lines are not working like they used to. The processed human being is forced to pay out more than he makes to support their game.

As fear leaves your soul you can see the psychological strings making people move, controlled by the Omega puppeteers. As people wake up to the symbols con they will share the knowledge of its evil usury. This may be a slow process. People are taking back the broken shells of their pathetic lives.

We can climb out of this place we call “The Abyss” or the biblically deemed HELL but not with the current artificial contracted knowledge model. It is a masquerade of latent fraud. The empowered people do it for one divisive reason – Icon superiority. The Omega Strain wants to forbid Genesis Direct Knowing, to condemn all question, to eliminate all visionaries and to demean anyone who stands in their way.

We were given the knowledge of our made up good and evil with the wisdom to differentiate. We need to move to the middle of our extreme bias and prejudice. We were given the right and the power to individually choose, even if we choose death. It is biologically impossible to take a billion overlapping molecular living safe guards and reduce them, through a naming process, down to a few binary tokens. Our on and off obedience program level implications are visible. Why try to improve on our innate biological fail safes if not for definitive control?

Made up words streaming into the eye sockets of the icon memory does not satisfy our critical biological sense compulsions. As we grow, feelings must show us what we know. All sensual knowing is grafted to our bio-energy complex. Feelings are the language of the metaphysical being. Expressing them is a challenge. AI good is not a genesis relational “real” but a forgery of our symbolic pretending paper knowing as a paid off demand.

The Genesis effect is gentle, caring and very powerful. It is a bridge over the Abyss. In the beginning man was moved to do or not do as he was guided by simple biologically feeling governed MEANS. Tiny synaptic switches move us. Then, under the guise of protecting the family unit and the societal model, the symbols aggrandized glorification programming was taught. That programming would bring human beings into serious conflict with themselves and each other. All symbols are binary sense afflictions and therefore prone to induce psychological conflict. Learning how to learn was forbidden. How narrow is the distance between good and bad and guilt and innocence? Contract love and official war are similar in their hypocrisies in that both are agreements entered into in an attempt to control human feeling and regulate human actions.

Little did man know or realize that a serious cataclysmic biological event would be triggered by the bias naming, label profiling mind-shift. En masse, the made-up word produced a world-wide biological event reality known as a Mononomeric Differential. [See the chart on page 101.] No one is exempt from this neural decrepitude disorder. Icon manifestations are not in compliance with feeling direct knowing. Man cannot control Genesis Real - The Soul. We recognize feelings as real encoded life stirring energy. Life real moves us to be who we are without chameleon words, repetitive jargon, masks and false empowered symbols. Empowered symbols force a compliance of hate and blame.

Every social problem creates false jobs. Hats, badges, stripes and robes are eye-conned vestments but to a sense fractured memory programming they appear corporeal. The false values are recognized by Genesis as dangerous. We are a species with extraordinary potential, given half a chance. Organic knowing can be deeply felt. Most wild animals behave in real terms, adhering to distinct biological guidelines and are more self-protective and more caring than all our programmed symbols mindset. This journal will be read by an audience that is self-aware or dismissed by experts. The Omega man will not see the value of these journals. In fact, the Omega will see them as a serious threat.

Once we awaken from the dual sense offense, the brain will reboot and begin making synaptic connections to all parts of the passive memory which is a galactic store-house of extrapolated data. The word became empowered when it was declared as GOD. John 1:1 of the New International Version of the Bible says “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” What does that mean? To be exact, symbolic programming made the word into an auditory and sight governed icon god! Human feeling through artificial fear prevented a direct knowing of the total sense vested in the living truth. Man’s simplified programming was to obey the word or else.

Man made his symbols into masks and hats and robes and learned to wear them and to flaunt them for player control using contract blame backed by force. This freeze frame life of stagnant roles pushed human beings into a made-up, coercive non-real naming and labeling program. It became a business.

Symbols are responsible for making people, willing or not, into psychological beasts of burden. The ownership rights of all man-made blame in this world are a direct ward of the 8 primary buzz words. Written and spoken versions of the made-up trailing truth are all trickery. The word bad masks good; the word wrong masks right; the word lie masks the truth. Guilt masks innocence; jobs mask sin and evil behind the promise of paid parts in the game. Men cloaked in institutional empowered right teaches other men how to act rather than “be.” Our overt submission leads to self-weakness as the living brain falls into a viral aphasic split sense memory sleep. In an icon haze of performance rated political jargon and religious rhetoric “following” is favored. Following is both sense-less and fear-based. We are thus, fragmented beings. This is known as a forgery of prevailing evil.

We are taught to believe we are acquainted with the living truth but we are not. Truth is an admired word but we do not see it for its counter cause. Why are there so many versions of something that is “said” to be true? We guess at it, stab at it and pretend that we know the truth but we don’t have a clue. We know only legally sanctioned, AI copy truth. The copy truth is used against the people. The meaning of a word is only what it is made to mean. Think about that. The agreement that persuades us to pretend that make-believe is true is failing us as we share mental notes. The wake-up call is upon us. Our empowered icon forgery is a conscripted slave entity. There is no living substance. Abstracts seek what?

“Gross ignorance is 144 times worse than ordinary ignorance.”

Bennett Cerf

The AI taskmasters and converts are slaves to their masks and roles. Today we call them bosses and arbitrary employees. Omega knows this icon hive mind. They made it into a thriving business we now call legal entitlement. The only way to have willing slaves in a civilized world is to let the people believe they have a choice in what they are forced to do! Clever but true. Keep the choice simple, all or nothing. Is the vote a real choice? What if the vote is actually a two party subjugation, for profit, either-or with the same resultant end? What if it is a mental bait and switch to make us think we still have a choice?

The paradox is as we scam each other we remain in a neural dementia that becomes a biological ailment. Self-deceit is contagious when all we eat and breathe is official intent. What we prescribe for the ailment is more made-up tags and labels, cover-ups that add insult to the original injury. The sad part of this heady dilemma is that most human beings are reduced to a parakeet state by the age of five and that is a rapacious latent habitual mental restriction. The child does not yet realize Genesis Sabotage. Once down, your own sense imposition keeps you subjugated and lost. Society’s doctors immediately say that you are mentally ill. That is why symbols believers are neurotic, angry and mono-dimensionally inept. What is left is pure self-resignation. What remains is to act out our parts and remember rote verbal whimsical espousal. The brain is continually being tormented because the symbols congested head forces the carrier body to live in the systemic bio-sigma, the age-old Imperial codex. Bow down and worship the symbols we occupy. Most people are so dumb-founded they never know the love of their own body and their placid mind is within their cosmic reach. When symbols become a lock and key mind-set we organically degrade.

Genesis feeling direct knowing grafted into that biological real dynamic sense begets a feeling of life. This is true human freedom at all levels of human consciousness. When open, we grow, test, compare, evaluate, adjust and share. Closed off we obey, restrict, condemn, blame and become bias and prejudice. To Omega, human beings are collateral damage along the way toward commercial progress. Centuries ago a few men stepped across the genesis boundary into that traitorous domain. Physical boundary violation means psychotic wars. Ancient Rome used force backed by the threat of words the same as today’s Omega strain. It is a latent psychological ploy that feeds on latent bio-fear suppression or belief limitations. It is a ruling domain that uses Genesis fear inversely, which creates a delusional interpretive systemic disorder. What is the opposite of Evil?

Fear of loss is an elaborate head game that allows the official players the use of a binary core reality to engage in an evil practice. We are taught to miss our own mark. There is no happiness until the Genesis creature reaches a state of begin-ness.

What does it mean to be Human? During a rather precarious time man pursued feeling direct knowing and understood the lack of it was a symbiotic sense sin. He was moved to do and be. No one sense dominated the others. Natural fear on a biological level was a psychological friend that kept the common man alive and well. Bio-fear is a warning, a signpost triggered by the proprietary crossing of a psychological boundary telling us we may have exceeded our mental and physical grasp on reality. It is a temporary warning that moves us to make the necessary corrections. Man-made controlling fear is a long-term bio-mental subversion. Which do you follow?

What happened to man when he ignored his bio-fear? His brain shut down. Two senses overreacted shutting down the harmonic sense dynamic. The first biblical family leaders tested life outside the bounds of feeling direct knowing and put together a book of warnings. These were mere journals but put together for the purpose of controlling the gullible man, they became the so-called Holy Bible. The information they shared was a history of egregious humiliation of the human species and the utter failures of group-think.

The word holy is a sense malediction tag. It suggests a connection to a superior knowledge. Man’s feelings were and are precious because they do not belong to us but resonate within us and pass through us. Feeling as direct knowing is self-expansive. As feeling knowing opens, the binary mind becomes less dominate. That is why our iconic history branched off from what was considered a “spiritual realm” as man was learning to decode the bio-energy compliment that moved him in a state of being. People fear their own feelings because we were told to fear them and taught to ignore them. We are taught that feelings get in the way, except when those feelings can be contractually controlled for commercial gain as in love and marriage and the baby carriage. The irony is the more we ignore them the more out of control they become. Intent is official cause and artificial effect. We are what we feel or do not feel and transgress. Thus feeling becomes progressively stronger and more potent as a warning and becomes laden with stress and anxiety. Feelings are a collection of cause and counter-cause encoded five to the fifth power on a dimensional level.

What we name and call symbolic memory is merely icon conversion processing. It is not the same as dynamic mover energy stimulation. If you are not moved to be, your doing is mostly futile. Being taught to thoughtlessly perform binary subjugation allotment tasks is not the same as being considerate and caring. Caring should not be a business. For the most part, all reason is dismissive. Our social enigma has force fed us this occult doing. Law is restricted doing based on mono-aphasic regulated fears each framed for rule. Legalism takes the place of the natural human feeling accumulations of direct knowing ability. The brain is methodical; it feels everything through the senses as it was designed by god to do. The symbolic mind is self-abusive.

To be moved by bio-genesis is in bio-fact, the idea of a GOD principle. Being forced into a symbolic premise of mandatory indoctrination of and for empowered rights, we are literally forced into the viral nature of a make-believe icon field. It is a man-made pretense of archaic names then fills up the symbolic mind. Thus the term ersatz momentum directly relates to the pretend nature of empowered words and what they do to us. Once we begin to question what makes us afraid we can grow to be genesis congruent human beings and be wise in heart and soul.

Bio-fear is a biological threshold deterrent that is trying to speak to us from inside. Its language is feeling. To say that to go past it, beyond the prompted warning, man will be in biological danger. To deny the feeling of bio-fear invites a willing hell.

This must be understood. Feelings move us to question; they are the fount of wisdom. The brain has five levels of inquiry on a billion different frequencies due to the neural discrimination consciousness which is five to the fifth power. The bio-metaphysical realm has been disturbed by what is now ersatz eye-conned icon symbolism disillusionment. Can a contrived paper dictionary make us sick? Are we sure that it cannot? The truth that we rely on in the little man’s dictionary of connotation will be used against us. Imagine you can feel the implication. How do we react to preferred bias?

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