Now That You Have Your Book/Author Website, What Do You Do With It?

February 26, 2020Categories: Marketing,

Congratulations! You have made your book or author website and it looks fantastic. But before you get too excited, remember that as of now, it just one page in a virtual sea of hundreds of billions of pages. It is up to you to let people know about. Fortunately, there are many ways you can do this that won't cost a nickel.

You might be considering some paid promotion via Google, Facebook, or some other social media platform. If making money is your primary goal, then these are not good moves for the vast majority of the authors. The cost to promote your website is too high because you are essentially competing against people bidding hundreds of dollars per click—people who can afford it because they're selling, insurance cars, college educations, and other products that sell for a heck of a lot more than your book. This kind of paid advertising for author or book websites are best if a) you are not concerned with spending money you will unlikely get back from book sales and b) you are interested in a branding campaign rather than a direct sales campaign.

Free Ways to Share Your Book / Author Website

  • Talk it up! Give your web address out when you are doing interviews or even just talking to others about your book. This is where your own domain is helpful.
  • Add the web address in your e-mail footer. Your website can be shared with everyone you communicate with by e-mail simply by adding your web address as part of your e-mail footer.
  • Share your new site on social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Goodreads, and other social media audiences would be great for sharing your book's web address. Use the share tools on the left side of your page (or bottom if mobile).
  • Add the web address on business cards. Yes, you should have business cards promoting you and your book!
  • Add the web address in your book's description with online retailers. If your book is distributed globally in ebook format (if it is not, you really need to contact, update your book's description, and include your web address.
  • Add the web address in your book. This should be on one of the opening pages. I like to put my web addresses on the title pages.
  • Share your web address in your audiobook. "For more information on this title, visit...."
  • Add your web address to your online author profiles. This might include your Amazon author page, your profile with Goodreads, Bookbub, and more.

I hope this will serve as a good start. Before you know it, your website will become an invaluable part of your overall book marketing campaign.

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