Nonconformity and Free Will

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Tracking chips are coming. The barcode will soon rule the earth. What you begin to see, feel and have to realize and deal with personally is professionally orchestrated misinformation degeneration, a sense deformity to be exact. To make sense of it all, being crazy is a must. Getting hurt by authority will soon be excused by your being in the way. How dangerous is this mind game they are playing with your children? They cannot tell you all they feel as the dark con is pulled down over their heads. Your children love and trust you and you deceive them to hold a place for them in the future game.

The biblical journals and letters refer to this as an “abomination of desolation,” the horrific event that comes from staying within this biological mind shift for an overwhelming period of time. Habitual mindlessness is always an enemy of Genesis. The Omega man came up with letters and put them together and called them a communication device. They are, after no voice that is of any consequence remains available to the common man.

“Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it, die for it; anything but live for it.”

Charles Caleb Colton

When men began to rule over other men he soon had to justify his excessive rule, thus, justifying the terms he would use to do it. Words that began as basic communications later became terms backed by force for control. He made-up terms and corresponding pretend meanings and published them in a dictionary of pretense and called them real. He then began playing with the meanings and began using them for controlling implications. To play the game you were required to use these made-up terms for one outcome. To rule over men you must have preemptive meaning which then feeds the intent factor that evolved into Law. Without preemptive meaning Law would not exist.

You obey and you live on the upslope of implication; disobey and you are labeled to a downside of conviction. Did you know that the Masons do not allow any of their tenets to be written down? They know that what is written down is a copy that will be misinterpreted and used against them.

Science knows nothing of our inner organic communicative senses or our passive organic biological functions. Tags and labels corrupt the human creature. The Genesis mind holds billions of nerve conduits all interlaced. Feeling direct knowing reaches deep into the cerebellum creating millions of total recall connections which stimulate the brain. Once you connect all your feelings, your brain wakes up. When we wake up we can use this amazing gift.

Your parents or guardians did the thinking for you during your non-descript learning period of innocent youth based on the programs taught them by their parents or other legal guardians during their naive non-descript period of youth. Cops want baby cops. Barbie dolls want skinny kids. The monkey mind goes on and on all the way back through the generations to the beginning of the linear-mind-time-line, our mini-mind. Whose thoughts are you therefore indoctrinated with, those of your parents, your school, a sage or your own? Can you claim to be more intelligent than a trained parrot? Does Polly really want a cracker?

What continues to affect the biologically active human brain in a very negative way will eventually fade and be purged in less than 100 years over five generations if we begin now. Why? It must be remembered that this is a study of a type of teleology or a study of the origins of symbols and how they evolve and devolve. It is a lifelong personal quest of the author and reflects all the affiliations definable within him through questions, travel, personal life events and his wading through the icon muddied waters in which his organic vision became diminished and skewed by the sub-reality sense offense. In a strange way he is being reverse-engineered.

This is a journey any great thinker must undergo. The game, we feel, is totally heartless thus it becomes a pointless inner death for many. The premeditated application of a legally compliant and neural decrepit state of mind began in the early Holy Roman Christian era and became original sin. The very second words became holy and sacrosanct we were burdened with the weight of them. If you were born with any so-called “original sin” it was the expectation that you would adhere to symbols, that you would worship the man-made gods called words.

You were being prepared mentally as a symbol’s convert and your compliance was your sin. In biblical terms, your sin was your unwillingness to obey the word which was cleverly made god! At the moment you agreed and complied with taught symbols, you ceased to be human. When you became a symbol you became inhuman and then you were a sinner the very second you disobeyed. This is the origin of guilt. Then you were told you needed to be forgiven paving the way for paid symbolic redemption.

If someone told you your god was surreptitiously made, conjured and formed by imprinting the eyes of man with fear would you believe it? Free thought compares this to that so we might understand our psychological copy of life is a forgery.

According to the Omega Strain, your label is your governing structure over your actions. We have artificial meaning but in exchange we have deadened our “common” sense. Common sense will not reign until we stop living according to our fears. Instead of running, stop and examine the game. How and what is a common sense exactly? Is it what people agree upon or is it individual and what does not need to be agreed upon? The only sense that is common is feeling direct knowing.

Man wrote down words to reflect what he saw, wanted to see and wanted to make happen, to create a single mental diversion. A mental diversion is an actual application of pretend symbols, labels, jargons, phrases and names to render an icon presence in the heads of the little minds for a willing slavery which is far more powerful than force.

Tags and labels are the juggler’s balls of the monkey mind. Where did the artifactual information in our topical heads come from? The Emperor/King made it up. This metal condition migrated around the world.

Centuries of belief and pretending made us recipients of a symbol’s infection that resulted in a willful mental sabotage that disavows the biological encoded brain from functioning like our biological architect [Genesis] designed it to be and do. The king’s icons form what we call active binary memory convolution.

Axiom: If Jesus were resurrected in today’s world he would be considered an insurgent, an agitator and a renegade.

The monkey mind busies itself with mental peristalsis, moving symbols around to different habitual processing stations. The ears and the eyes are agents of the word forgeries and thus icon converts force the dimensional five sense brain of others to enter into a bio-stasis reality. The full function of the working brain, replete with a passive total collective recall, has tremendous learning reach that is shut down. The bio-dam occurs when we use symbols to represent life. The truth we are using today is an empty ersatz AI truth. It is the husk on the fruit dying inside. We are degraded copies of copies. Life cannot continue if it is made up of an imagined real that insists on a false peace to pretend real by force. We cannot see the universal real because we are trapped in the pretend reality of the made-up unreal symbols that are just mind-trick labels and icon apparitions. These labels are clever by design. We can no longer differentiate the biologically induced feelings that move us to “be” from the AI unreal that forces us to “do.” We are dying inside biologically while doing our puppet routines. What say you? Do you have an opinion yet or are you still defending your part in the game play?

Axiom: Make crime pay, become a lawyer, a judge, a politician or a social worker.

In most cases when a serious conversation comes right down to what is actually going on, most people are in a “so what, don’t care la-la land” because binary switching memory trains the ear/eye memory part of the brain to process only icon-phasic-right responses. That particular out-right mental failure is actually ensured by the “psychologically trained” pundits [the icon obsessive Omegas] as they pass out pain numbing prescriptions like kiddie candy. Oh how sweet is self-deceit!

This commercial labeling plan is now worldwide and seeks to both consciously and unconsciously to disavow and eradicate all human feeling and directly felt knowing. Our road to hell is being guaranteed. Better pay attention Omega man. The cat is out of the bag! The simple sleight of hand puppet show can end today. Word meanings sabotage our nature, our bio-genesis and our metaphysical living physiology. We can feel it and everyone can see it clearly with an open mind.

Does the little man understand that where he lives is in a 3,000-year social stigma? This Hell is a terminal labeling structure called legalism, the edict terminus of old. The laws of the church and state are identical. Legalism cannot work without two counter opposing dictionaries and the decoy of cups held over the pea in the shell game of intent. Three cups, one pea. The odds are already not in your favor. The cups hardly move but the hands move all over the place and that is what your eyes focus on. Life is like that, a mind trick, a confusion of moving hands. Show us a uniform and make us listen to a lot of slippery jargon and we lose track of where our pea brain is under the decoy cups.

Being set free is not what the icon convert wants. A narrow path of man-made deception creates neural erosion. Omega depends on zero doubt based thought. The full sense relationship with the entire biological brain involves human feeling as a direct knowing. We are in serious error. Those who teach, follow and obey the icon pretense are trapped within this fear inversion differential. As we wake up, bio-fear is an automatic friend. Omegas are made to believe that all human beings can easily be controlled using the “icon nose ring.” The endemic systemic insanity prays on the man-made illusion that we are in control of our own lives and safe in our groups, asleep under our thick bunting label blankets. No one is safe. Do not look at fear, kill the maker of it. Is this the game’s purpose? Ask what the world’s war machines are made of. The buyer beware is now aware! The promise of peace by force is a word decoy, keeping your mind focused as your will is being fleeced and your working brain is being taken away.

Is the Omega mask worth a lifetime of pestilence, war games and an empowered commercial grade systemic legally plied blame game? If we want the quicksand of sinking ineptitude, keep going. Who sits on the symbolic throne if not those trained in eye-con binary manipulation? What is – is, was and will always be. Symbols conscript! Slow and steady we will test this theory by real human feeling, not by the symbolic binary agreement process where the empowered masks want “or-else” absolute control over everyone and everything on earth.

We will eventually die by the very same laws that made Imperial Rome fail if we continue to ignore an age-old bio-genesis sabotage warning. Civil liberties are being taken away. Watch out people, new police apparatus is appearing everywhere. What are they preparing for? Bio-genesis is going to take us down quietly without as much as one cry for help. Once the real is felt the excuse list is exhausted. You will feel like shit if you go back to icon subversions; you will suffocate under the mask of the evil of legalism. Does evil not profit the sinners? Who will save you? No one and nothing but your own Genesis!

The word dog spelled backwards is the word god. The word sword is “word” with an “s” in front of it. How powerful are words and their made up meanings when they are nothing more than the same 26 characters assembled differently?

There are those who want out but do not understand the personal choice they have to make and why, so they remain trapped in the middle of the word “bait and switch” labyrinth, waiting for someone strong with spirit to lead them out. The Omega cult knows this event is unfolding as these journals and hundreds like them are being written. Do something to start the process. Declare your freedom of choice. Doubt the promises made to you by those who wish to control you by force and make you pay them for your redemption. Your miserable life is making them wealthy and powerful. Is subjugation by rule of law dependent on your ignorance? Was it the ignorance of the forgery of intent that killed the biblical Christ? Take charge of your own life and think and feel and know. It is a metaphysical bridge that must be crossed.

To escape the icon torment and fear back-drafting we must look for inward aptitude resting in the living truth that will move us out of the icon warmonger’s and trickster’s ways. Let human feeling in to sustain your organic life being. The day of a panic driven desolation is coming and those who live by human misery shall be made to pay dearly. The deeper the hurt, the greater pain; the greater the suffering, the greater the fear behind it and the greater the knowing when fear becomes your friend. We are the gentlest creature on earth, turned inside out, turned against nature itself and set against the harmonic biology of the fully working brain.

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