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What are BUZZ words and how are they used to trick the mind? First how can and how do buzz words work and when do they not work? We must ask how did this artificial or made up buzz word game evolve? Ignorance always takes the short-cut, blame. Where did our artificial world of so many mind boggling icons come from? Fear of fear created them. When did we compose the basis for all the official right, wrong, good, bad, truth, lie, guilt and innocence – and why? All extreme buzz words and all fear promoted.

It is not the little man that makes a World at War; it is the religiously and politically empowered. A little man is afraid of everything, including himself. There is no class segregation of human beings in genesis terms, only in man’s bias judgements based on acting out agreed symbolic redemption roles. Making enemies and criminals is one of the primary commercial goals of the business of evil. It’s as easy as the buzz word “guilty.” Blame is a big business backed by law. If Legalism and Religion control the buzz words what chance does an intelligent, self-aware man have to live apart from the influence of official buzz words? This is called institutionalizing. Beliefs are a capital sin against man-kind.

This symbols social construct strategy is held by the thin thread of fear-based beliefs embedded in what is call out-come processing. Human beings are a product of commercial processing. The symbols gaming agreement uses the word intent as its pre-emptive motive for processing human beings with applied tags. It is our artificial ear/eye conned topical knowing we currently use and are paid to defend that will give rise to ever increasing higher stakes of convertible loss. The AI bar of good is adjusted for new fear-based tactical edicts and newer debasing legal compromise. Intent is the sinners cross to bear. The cost of living our life is too high. Not many are able to see the transparent conning of the game or its symbols empowered forgery offerings. Is there even one teacher or social worker who realizes they are patsies working for a defunct mono-dimensional binary causation evil? What will it take for one to doubt the machine-mind applying symbolic methods from behind official masks? Are we ready to see what must be seen?

The passive brain is everlasting and true to the creature being. The rebirth process of symbols purging will begin when you become icon discontent. If man is not afraid and can see the behind the icon masks he will restore both the individual central voice of feeling direct knowing and will reactivate personal volition and human choice. He will restore his Genesis soul. Individualism must be prized.

The fear of the king’s thugs still lives inside our heads behind a genetic veil. We practice symbols self-deceit daily. We need to purge this AI travesty that killed Jesus the Christ. Binary is binary, good is good and bad is bad. Black and white, truth and lie must be taught for individual human experience does not participate in this legacy of binary judgement. Do not all men assume they are the quintessential ideal of their AI model? Is it a problem that a soldier who kills receives a label of good because he is obedient? Error!

When all human choice, freedom and rights are forced down a one-way street to professional hell, a subjective agreement process appears. If there is a Hell, man made it, not god, nor the genesis of the innate bio-logic instilled into the creature being to protect us from it.

Let it be known that our AI truth can no longer be tolerated and the human creature’s ears and eyes can rejoin the feeling matrix. For millennia men have been betraying fellow men with calculating words. Feelings are ignored in favor of stricture terminology. Does man feel what is going on? Absolutely! Can he place his finger on it? Of course not, as the symbolic infection is latent charged and backed by fear impetus so deep and so convoluted that a deep chasm was created in the brain.

What will kill us will not be missiles or bombs but long-term genesis self-sabotage. Blame is our slippery path down into the abyss and the short cut to official excuse. As long as human begins remain symbols compliant, evil will reign. No blame means no judgement which means no power one over the other. Isn’t that what we want, what we would call peace?

Man cannot use the brain’s full potential until all the senses come alive. It is said that we use 10% of our brain. Perhaps the very intelligent man uses 10%. The common man uses far less than that. Neural decrepitude is an empty cavern [the abyss]. Man-made excuses render the word sin as merely a parody of itself. Man is dying from the inside out but those who do not die shall be heard. You can awaken, you can feel, it is your life response to do just that.

The game of the players who benefit from and by the misery of others is coming to an end. Why? Because a made-up realm that can affect a life-giving realm has a serious long-term side effect called mono-dementia. In this insular state a biological mental decrepitude that degrades the human senses is taking place. A bio-stasis eye-con disorder becomes a sub-causative realm where all human beings are forced to engage in a willing self-deprivation scheme where loss of trust in personal human feeling results in psychotic delusion and insanity. The player-tower is rotten from the top down and from the inside out and it will not stand much longer. How this implosion occurs will amaze and surprise you. Let us begin anew! When we stop trying to conquer fear and understand how it works and be one with it, peace will not need a gun.

Warnings have been given to human beings throughout the ages in many different ways and in many different voices. But now we are able to grasp it due to the vast network of comparative information available on the world-wide web that connects our mental condition directly to what is going on around us today. What has changed since the last un-holy Inquisition? Nothing, it is a continuation of the same!

Our symbols are making us insane. The government is in cahoots with psychiatry, willing to put all of us in little label boxes and feed us our daily interval of brain poison. Fear is poison to a working will. They especially need to label and drug those who question the masks of authority and their AI empowered right. Our will to be will understand fear as our friend.

Our insanity is pure because in our innocence we are taught to pretend, to make-believe, and then call it truth. In latent form it is clandestine sin. We cannot realize what is affecting us until we learn to directly feel it, question it and overcome its progressive provocation. We will feel all symbols as innate threat. Once we wake up what is unseen will be seen and what is unheard will be heard.

How many are brave enough to question an empowered symbol? Only the brave at heart shall overcome. There are enough human beings who have begun the symbol’s purge to eliminate the binary off set carrier [icon conversion for AI manifest].

Axiom: The ears close and the eyes glaze over

and create sense distortion.

Both insanity and evil serve as a correct description of what makes us do what we do to others. Peer into the demon’s eyes and you will understand its means and the way to that means. “No choice” is the one and only way to the empowered means. It is an ambush. Do you need the empowered symbol’s protection and permission? Who gave the king this masked empowerment over others? He gave it to himself by your fear backed by his force. The biblical Christ asked this question as well, by whose authority are you over me? What is called the Christian discipline is enforced with the same tactics that gave rise to the situation that slaughtered Christ!

Human choice taken away leads to self-hated, mutual hatred, injustice, rage motivated murder and eventually global war. Suicide is irrevocable inner sadness and no hope of release. Would you say our human choice is intact? Empowered right creates legalism. Laws degrade, demean and process humanity. High profit human profiling of the people is for commercial grade reason alone. What is being done to us is not as bad as what we have lost by a genesis sabotage that keeps us from an open living truth and feeling direct knowing. The answers must come from within. The time has come, we have arrived, do not let our vision be snuffed out one irreplaceable spark by irreplaceable spark. Declare your personal vision now. Awake you do have a voice.

People play along as a social standard. They are afraid not to. The word and what is called meaning did not exist until fear began to govern. The word artificially moved human beings away from their inner self. The fear box is merely a subdivision of one binary memory format. Words are binary adaptations. As you read the origin of many causes you will be able to connect them to the dark side of humanity’s failures. Our dark side is fear-driven motives and the obscure abstracts that make up the business of legalism! Legalism is the evil accord by which we blame through a demeaning judgement and conspire against each other for abstract favor and make war on anyone who will not agree with this deadly game sentiment. The source of any organized religion and our world political structure is a sense-less belief memory agreement programming.

Omega seeks to instill in all of us control buttons that make fear our artificial intimidator as a mover displacing the knowing we are all born with. Passive memory must dominate the subordinate icon syllabus evil. Genesis energy flow must be reinstated as all our senses come back on line to form a universal person to person feeling network. Genesis bio-energy is pure energy and is the origin of human continuity. Genesis is the word we use to describe the biblical “god essence” we can all feel as the true living mover of our being. It is the caretaker of human freedom vested in feeling and thought. We must learn how to think with feeling beyond the official symbols boundary and use the passive memory your child has consciously built for you. It is the real organic memory that begets your being-ness, not the artificial labels you call terminal memory.

Wait until you blossom and feel the energy expand as total recall kicks in. As you well know insanity is just a line drawn in the symbols sand that moves you into a controlling authority for more necessary processing. The sense stupor, also known simply as bio-stasis, is where the human brain is seriously affected by the glossy pretend nature of names, words, symbols and icons. Noun affectation is for icon worship. The topical parrot memory we call education is merely symbols processing. Symbols are mere obstacles keeping us from the mover, the human soul. We may control the symbol we call god but rest assured you merely control a made-up fantasy and repressive delusion. Time is come. It is time to wake up! Stop agreeing and watch sin disappear overnight.

Man began the binary naming process centuries ago with the “intent” of establishing a long-term Genesis memory blocking program. People pass on the same latent information to each succeeding generation benefiting a demoralization sense logic process. Evil is its own business and it employs Omega players. We can all feel the truth but fear blocks the real. Evil created intent-based advent time. Our forgery of time is a copy and an antithesis to human well-being-ness. The mind control mechanism is called pejorative intent. Nouns are character actors glorified. The entity that runs it is our bio-fear syndrome, the subliminal ear/eye contract with symbols hell. All “so-called education” depends on planting the binary poppy seeds of neural decrepitude to achieve genesis deformity en masse. Real has been sold into slavery.

Doubt is the cornerstone of all freedom generated thought and it will bring down symbols memory processing. The symbolic label mind dominates the passive brain’s dynamic comparative memory. We deliberately sabotage our feelings merely because we were taught to do so. Stop agreeing and feel their loss of empowered icon right over you. Consider this, our virtual mind infection is like a virus making your thoughts like the keyed associations that are programmed into our computer machines. Our programming tells us what to do and how to process binary information. Children in school are little computers being loaded with binary memory programs. The icon memory is everywhere and vast. In its shadow we are drones, memory enhanced morons.

Duality processing is taught in schools all over the world, on/off, good/bad, cause/effect, either/or. Binary processing depends on three words – “intent, meaning and agreement.” Like a computer virus in a computer program - our heads are programmed no differently - obey. Our monkey minds wait for banana rewards. We were once free from iconic corruption and now, these pejoratives are merely obstacles to a grace-filled working human brain. Declare yourself free of the symbols make-think volatility and total recall is yours. Ask and it will open. Get naked with the truth of your being and feel and knowing that evolves will see under the mask.

Names, words and symbols evolved as remembered facsimile meaning and mankind assumed the blank look he still has today as he performs his bit part role called the JOB. Is man a senseless automaton, a synthetic eye-conned being that can parakeet phrases he learns and recite long pointless jargoned lectures? His intent is to fabricate a social plan for authorized control. He is nothing but an animal in a hairless suit, with no gut and no voice. All doing becomes controlled vice under the Omega Strain and man becomes a drone of his own training and thoughtlessness. Once intent is harvested for legal travail the pointless jobs as a compliment will be a biblical legion. The icon converts believe they mean something by agreeing they mean something by force. There are three forms of agreement, pure force, fear-based force or fear of loss. Without mental trickery and force the icon taskmasters are useless stick figures with decorations. To be able to do this they don bonnets and badges and robes and begin the judgement process that brings all of humanity down to a binary act and react level.

The common man must be made afraid. How much fakery does one person have to be forced to remember to keep the icon cronies satisfied to ensure they have absolute control over us? An occasional war fattens the coffers and creates more rules for more job stipends so we have a happily abused world. This masked actor based realm is called our event reality of an ersatz momentum. Ersatz translates to substitute. Verbs are an ersatz sub-realm. “Being” is illegal while AI doing is legal. This is ersatz momentum in pretend doing. Nouns and verbs imply - they do not mean.

Axiom: By force we are compelled; by feeling we are moved.

En masse we agree to play and pay. Question this quandary. Reading between the lines tells the rest of the story. The domination of man by ruthless men is the king’s revived edict. Demand-based intent is rule made law. Seal the doorway for extreme force enters through the ears and then the eyes and the body cowers. Wake up before it is too late.

Ignorance enslaves man’s mind first, next it is the opiate of the masses as a sustained fear differential complex is backed by a long-term neural degradation strain. We created an ear/eye mental condition reliant on symbols oblation. The meek sheep might inherit the earth but what will be left of it? There is a fine line between weak-minded, meek and total ignorance when, in all logical fact, evil is about to put a noose around your sorry neck. When fear is your friend so is everyone and everything around you!

Law is a word contract that our forefathers made-up so they could use our belief in symbols and idols to keep us afraid. Has it succeeded? Are you less afraid now there are more laws? Genesis is trying to protect the body while symbols are stealing your soul. Will it be worth it in the end, when the end arrives? Is the money worth the job? Do you ever think about what the government’s job is? All the positions offered are in the form of symbolic pretense and paid entitlements to make you believe and trust that they are taking care of you and keeping you safe.

The empowered masks are paid to keep everyone afraid. Synthetic fear makes us afraid of the bio-fear gift of genesis. Jesus knew this. Jesus was a politician who didn’t become a politician. He was for the people. Politicians are for themselves. We treated inner feeling as an interloper and welcomed external pretense as a friend.

All man-made fear is icon memory based. When you walk in the woods, is fear anywhere near you? What about when you walk on the city street, drive on the high-speed highways? Governments and religions exist to make men afraid then quell their synthetic fears with artificial promise. Our authorized systemic business of processing human beings for money will deny this, of course. Trashing our feelings is metaphysical self-abuse. But the biological fact remains that we can all feel we are psychologically trapped. Only in exponential caring and sharing shall we overcome the Omega wrath. It is possible. It can be done. All you need is the will to see it and it is yours!

Axiom: Why do priests want to kill philosophers when philosophers do not want to kill priests?

Being in the presence of unclaimed encoded wisdom allows us to feel. Genesis decodes what our own senses tell us. The man-made fear ratio is being increased to offset the wisdom being shed in bio-genesis knowing as we are entering the new “gray age” of discontent and self-discovery. As we sabotage our own Genesis bio-fear we become subject to more and more official symbolic fear. We also entered the abstract eye-con and forced binary memory bank. We went from a passive being to a terminal all or nothing state of feeling-less doing. The insanity that created the mental parody of our systemic disorder can be purged. It must be purged. Icon disillusionment makes us believe the world of icon legalism will solve the Mononomeric Differential. It will not. Insanity is mind over AI distortions, obstacles set upon the bio-energy of the human brain. It will take five generations to repair our neural shutdown and bring us back in line with our Genesis functioning. It will get much worse as human beings grow biologically mad peering through the mask of discontent that man made into the false gods of this world.

Politeness, n: The most acceptable hypocrisy.

Ambrose Bierce

We are we supposed to trust and make believe that the people with the hats, badges, stripes and robes mean well when they are programmed to victimize unseen enemies and intimidate un-known bad guys, even kill unbelievers on command. Pushed into a psychological corner how many good guys became bad guys?

We are told we should be afraid of not doing as we are told. Add insult to misery, we are made even more afraid in and by the presence of intent. Intent is a two edged sword with both sharp ends pointed at you. Why can we not understand the true nature of our fears? Something is seriously out of place, wouldn’t you say? The purpose of a constitution was to provide a stable monetary unit and a militant defense structure. That was all. We have sold ourselves out and have degraded our innate sense to the point where there are military forces within our borders and an unstable monetary structure. How did we fail so miserably?

Do you worship idols? Before you say no, think about it. Do you worship words? All words, even the ones you call “good words” are forgeries, made up by men and assigned a false value. What is an idol? A person or thing that is greatly admired, loved or revered. What are our religious leaders and our entertainment celebrities?

Labels and words are the backbone of our system of artificial intelligence. What is required of you in the service of good and bad words? You bow down automatically and unconsciously. Keep agreeing if you want, but realize what you are doing and that you are being provoked to obey as a part of an intense fear program installed centuries ago by Omega symbols converts. They were devoted to the game of symbols and icons, bias blame and prejudicial pretending, the sources of AI power on the earth. Imagine having no fear because we understand our very own nature. It is possible if you know how. Imagine having no need to hide behind masks of empowered right. Where do you go to get this information? These journals are dedicated to helping you find the KEY TO THE ABYSS and to unlock Hell’s gate. Why does Heaven get only the obedient ones and hell the lovers of life and the so-called cunning ones?

Is it possible to be smart and play stupid? The Omega man, the icon convert, is taught to remember words for label profiling for the conversion of human beings into binary product reactive commodities for commercial use. Commercial grade reason depends upon on the ersatz bar of iconic good being raised constantly. Webster’s dictionary services AI duplicity. Symbols ensure long-term frustration and vexation. Before law we were free.

Not using the total sense cadre creates an energy dam conducive to bio-degradation. We are rotting from the inside out. We feel like we are being sucked dry by some elaborate mind machine. Who runs the milking machine? AI binary remembering makes us devolve. We are no longer intelligent beings; we are ignorant doers.

Ever wonder why some people seem to suck the life out of you? Think about that please.

What is happening is happening on more than five distinct levels all at once but, we can’t seem to fathom what it is because as a latent sub-reality we are trapped within a servile constraint fear bubble [the bottling up of encoded energy]. Our informational bio-data learning exists on a tridimensional level and it is compromised. We fail to feel what we also fail to directly know. It is high time to wake up the brain from a 3,000-year-old synaptic sleep. As the brain heals from symbols deformity it expands and opens to be and to see. The inner voice expands. The synthetic real dominates the bio-energy causing degradation.

Only when we awaken from this symbolic bio-stasis eye-con inverted mind trance can we fully feel and evolve into the gentle being God [genesis] made us to be. To purge the icon Mononomeric Differential now we must first confront all the icon demons and their tenets. We must look behind the mask of the Omega Strain to find the human being there in habitual role.

Who are the con men who are profiting from our fears? The Omega man hates himself and that is why he seeks to deliver all living men into a binary bias symbols abyss.

Heaven and Hell are the best mind duality game going. One pitted against the other. All taskmasters are icon converts well-schooled in icon subjugation and word provocation conversion techniques. One word can be made to look like the truth or twisted into a lie by intent alone. The truth will be used against you in a court of law. Most people who enter the icon dragon’s mouth never regain Genesis Feeling Direct Knowing consciousness. The game excludes the non-players automatically. How far is too far? What are we missing to reject the gift of human feeling direct knowing? Our first con job is to remember not to question why we are being trained to obey the con-job rules! Omega has no guilt.

Here is a simple word diagram from one of the dictionaries of connotation. Webster/Random House/Oxford/New American Collegiate Dictionary it doesn’t really matter; they are all dictionaries of CON-notation. They are the common man’s catalog of made up fantasy, which is the great con of man. Conning [convince], conversion [change thereto], conditioning [instilled change], the icon [bar of good reduction processing], condescending [icon blame/judgement], con-game [player being played], consecrate [to make a symbol of], confidential [player privileged], confounded [lack of understanding], configured [made-up, construed as], confident [agreed for pretense of], conspiracy [to deceive unilaterally], confession [player guilt programming failure admission, judged by another higher up player ladder like the costumed priest or a costumed judge], constriction, [bound up], congeniality [player social-placation], conceal [to hide], concur [agree to make it so], connote [a legally sustained paper abstract], and the crème-de-la-crème, contract [sign your life away here on this pretty dotted line]. We must play hard and fast to make this masked game work. The intent-based agreed player deformity is exacting and it is against the law to have personal self-awareness. Omegas beware when self-awareness as an intervention wraps the globe.

The symbolic mind shift programming is responsible for the labeling and abstract naming of the contractual subjugation of human kind. In the I-con gaming plan we play just to outwit the opponent. Game failure is when we cannot outwit the unfair, unjustifiable behavior of the un-blamable Omega cult. Imagine being blamed by a guiltless crafty entity that sees any rebuke as hostile. Objection to the mask is against the laws that protect them.

That is where the police state begins. The police state has one ultimate task, to debase and demean. Forced compliance breeds human injustice, commercial slave traders and a psychotic mono-aphasic crony based job market. Authority is dedicated and paid to undermine any human being who has a tender heart and a keen mind and extended vision. Kindness is being eradicated by law. Caring is already considered an obstruction of justice and it will only get worse. How many cases of kindness have been considered interferences with justice? Evidence of the inhumanity of the eye-conned workings feeding the icon machinery is all around you.

There are watchers watching the watchers and you are footing the bill. The mind game profit sharing committee of trained thugs and agreeing thieves use the word “reason” to hide their con job. The “sheep-people” are taught to remember and parakeet made up words, pretending they know something. Processing one cause, by intent, appears to be a knowing when it is actually a choreographed con job. Omega does thoughtless tasks as part of an elaborate program to demean anyone who is not a player. And what are sheep but commodities, bleating, nose down to the ground commercial products for fleecing and shearing and slaughter. Agreement is our grievous sin.

The viral content of make believe symbols manifestations assume a mono-sense mind-shifting litany that makes us mindlessly remember to do and act and react. If all reactions can be said to be the same, we are then said to have mutual knowledge. Commercial marketplace knowledge is nothing more than an icon memory mind filled up with made up terms, labels and tags we react to. It then becomes a social systemic medium. The common man is expected to react to the symbolic taskmasters who are schooled in icon reformation reconversions. Icon conversion makes men into automatons. We can’t see what is inside us because our true vision is a logical full sense extrapolation. Our belief and mono-dimensional binary eye-con memory, in computer terms, is called our digital self. Intent makes it come to life just as fear makes way for the inevitable biological decrepitude and the dumbing down of humanity itself. Agreement is the demon monkey on our backs. The sin of man is in his intent pre-programming by eye-con subjugation. The intent of legalism is to enslave humans by dissolving their individual freedoms. Law is bait and switch psychology.

The policeman is right by uniformed agreement. The soldier is absolved of his crimes of killing by his paid service to the entity. The priest is made holy by lofty jargon programming to convince the fear filled minions that he is the handmaiden of our icon god. The judge is wise by legal decree to preserve the mask of the Omega icon convert at all cost. If the uniform could make the person “good” then there would be no “bad” cops or priests – and we know there are. The game eventually plays the players. The real innate mover god is in us. It is our soul. Why do we let the outside replace the inside?

The sins of the world are invested in the icon agreement processing of binary symbols and the jobs enforce the repetition of the words and the icons. Symbols are self-replicating. You are only doing your JOB, right? Does it matter if it is evil? Hell no, as long as you get your paycheck and everything appears to be normal because everyone is operating under the viral toxicity of idol worship. You are not being paid to think – only to do. Icon conversion is the little man syndrome, the Systemic Icon Disorder. Good and evil and guilt and innocence are the most misunderstood and the most practiced duality jargons used every day.

Our binary symbols subjective mind training is devoted to the pretend belief that our blind adoration has specific meaning and logic. The icon endemic madness leads to the latent viral disease we call bio-stasis epidemic neural decrepitude. The icon convert carriers infect the masses with the neurosis fear syndrome. Fear me or else. It is well-paid coercion. New labels are made up every day to apply to those who are about to awaken from neural bio-energy shutdown. Professional, credentialed, tricksters can be called in on a moment’s notice to prosecute and demean any person who is a threat to the legacy of symbols and their forgery of intent.

Power intoxicates men.

When a man is intoxicated by alcohol he can recover,

but a man, who is intoxicated with power, seldom recovers.

James F. Byrnes

The original human being, before he became a self-pronounced “civilized” man, responded with mutual kindness and tenderness. By law our natural goodness has been totally subjugated for Omega control. It was matriarchal society. The snarl, the hiss of any animal is obvious in its meaning, leave me alone. Man is the only animal who is desensitized to bio-genesis feeling instinctual warnings. Man, in neural decrepitude, has lost its ability to say, leave me alone. We continue blindly on a certain crash course with Genesis decomposition. We are on a psychological high-speed highway to nowhere.

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