Buried Truth and History's Goal

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Feeling direct knowing and genesis is so vast and so connected that our failure as human beings is only in our obsession with the external world of things that we want to possess. We possess so we are possessed. We make believe as we play with the binary aspects of the agreement process and we begin to become mono-aphasic word junkies. We pretend that this means this and that means that and we invest our lives in that pretense. Symbols conversion closes the brain to organic life-giving electrical chemical impulses. Love of self, caring and will are the first human aspects to be sacrificed to the symbol.

The non-canonical Gospel of Thomas, part of the Nag Hammadi scriptures discovered in 1945, actually tells of this first advent of man being brainwashed by symbols disparagement. Is love merely the absence of hate? According to Webster it is merely affection. Or is it a one on one chemical bond? Is the act of hate merely the absence of a chemical bond or is it more? Feelings keep people alive. Is right merely a wrong put on a pedestal? Is right merely a man-made virtue? Is wrong made up of rights? Is innocence lack of guilt? According to Black’s Law that is exactly what it is. Imagine that. There is the presumption of guilt. By law man became a thing. To make a person fit a label takes some elaborate false doing. The Omega man is a one-sense mono aphasic remembering machine. Symbol by symbol the elevator of hate reaches the pinnacle of Black’s Law. He is a processor. False power runs the biblical hell on earth as an institutional processing agent.

As a child, genesis knowing is constantly trying to surface, that is why the child continually asks “Why.” Symbols preoccupation is about learning new rules and ignoring what is already known and stored in feeling codes. A child has no intent by which lies are forged. To empower a man with symbolic rights makes him an official player. Call it slavery if you will for all the similarities are there. Not being moved from within means that something else is moving you from the outside. So what is it that moves you to do and to be? Why are more people “not” moved?

All human beings in this world, during early childhood development, are mandatorily programmed and inadvertently accept the authoritative voice as a primary means of connection between the child’s uncluttered mind and “society’s symbols conscript mind.” The mind of a child is quickly deformed and made to serve a corrupt systemic disorder. The player mind forms by age 13 or by the same age the genesis mind is firmly committed to the rejection of the player mind. The obvious intent of binary knowing is to intimidate, persuade, award and thus enslave. Innate intelligence is needed to reject the game. As children we are taught that history, sociology and philosophy are the results of a chosen course. Chosen means the human beings had a choice. They did not! The fount of human problems around the globe is a viral degradation. This icon illness stimulates the human biology to affect the bio-energy within the brain. Rule limits choice which then restricts total brain function. This is bio-chemistry 101. Put a mouse in a one path maze and he will learn the one path very quickly. Add other paths later and it will still run only the one path and never know there are other paths.

The passive learning Genesis child once introduced to icon implication hence becomes the symbolic adult and a string pulled puppet of the Omega strain. This symbols slanting is called “education” but it is really “word indoctrination.” It is like training a child to be a soldier at an early age, before he can assess the why of it all with no alternative training. All or nothing teaching serves a derogatory binary theme. We are puppets of puppets. The child believes the teacher and the parent. After all, a parent would not deliberately deceive their child would they? It is pure poisoning of the innocent and developing mind.

The word reason as terminal law becomes our agreed cause and effect reality, for strict control of the little man by a few taskmasters. With empowered word abjuration man then assumes all manner of hats, badges, stripes and robes to become a “revered” and highly paid icon god. OR-ELSE! The child must learn to worship the icon god. That is the law. For that is what it takes for children to graduate to the next grade of icon-indoctrination. Each class grade sends them deeper into the symbolic authoritative blame game. Where do we learn hate? The child can sense this icon spell and asks “why?”

The brain’s coefficient passive memory is affected adversely by the abstract affectations that are made up, what we call words. We are then forced to trust this abstract realm, want to or not. The child’s, child repeated through countless generations, receives symbols training resulting in epigenetic programming and centuries of brainwashing. This is the physical and psychological formula for labeling human beings.

We are 3,000 years down the same iconic road and still do not get it that our social enigma of personal self-deceit is a genetic bio-deformity, an energy stigma and a biological short circuit we call a neural decrepitude. Limited use of the senses creates an energy dam within the memory data bank devoted to the ears and eyes. What evolved is a binary memory, one based on false intentions. We have three memory states, symbolic memory, iconic memory and passive memory. When we mix organic real with man-made named-unreal we have a major problem. You can’t be in two distinct places at once without suffering a psychotic splitting.

We begin as Genesis real, and then we are forced to play the unreal-made-real game behind masks. We then pass laws to keep the unreal appearing real. We soon begin to degrade inside. But underneath it all we can all sense it yet we arrogantly remain in constant conflict. The real - unreal static shorts out neural passive data links. To be or not to be is a dilemma as old as time. What does it mean to be or not to be and what are the consequences of both. Damned if you do; double damned if you do not.

The Omega man is an opportunist and sees human misery, which is built into the symbol’s game, as a “missed fortune” but still slated for commercial capital gain. It is a very nasty and expensive game where the best jobs are handed out to the best cons. How are so many little people processed and conveniently kept down and made to pay the aggressor holding them down throughout their lives? All judges, lawyers, officers of the law, religious leaders and soldiers have to undergo “bad guy blame” training. Force, the crown of the oppressor, makes the rules seem necessary. Their masks are useless without this training. Without force and their allegiance to it, bad guy blame training would not exist.

The social model makes people eat poisoned reasons then expects this diet to result in a healthy lifestyle. This is pure insanity. The legacy of agreed symbols domination over humanity is the focus of the three Guarded Hearts journals. Why do we willingly allow the sabotage of our own Human Genesis? You sold your soul when you wanted to be a player in the game. Credentials separate the artificial players from the superficial non-players who work for the controlling players.

Evil uses innocence as a pawn. If you are not in the agreement club you will know it for you will be considered by society as a bad person, first a problem child, a black sheep, a rebel by those who seek to agree for the opportunities only binary agreeing can provide. Man’s pathetic method of processing other men falls way beneath human genesis standards. All children transit out of genesis human feeling to fall under the systemic binary sense spell of the accepted social model. Brainwashing could not exist without official sanction.

The human grace factor is seriously abused by parents all over the world. An abuse that not only creates the physical mask the child is made to wear but alters an organic life essence creating simultaneous neural damage. The genesis energy constant and the encoding process that goes with its feeling nature are tied directly to the future genetic code of humanity. Science avoids any discussion of organic passive creation because there are too many harmonic overlays in chemical electrical codes that cannot be explained away.

Human beings are “dimensional creatures” who are turned into subservient robots by the age of five? It begins as soon as the parent begins to govern the child’s mind. Why do we become symbols practitioners? When will all the made-up, pretend iconic binary reasons and artificial intelligence fall apart from the weight of trying to make what is not real, real? Imagine a ladder where with each step up, the ladder gets pushed deeper into the ground so that you work hard climbing but never get any higher on the ladder. Symbols are like that, like climbing a ladder in quicksand. The symbolic life is a psychological gerbil wheel and an endless energy waste dump.

Systemic knowing is remembering an eye-programmed litany of written words backed by sound impulses. Threats were once hand held proclamations shouted out to the crowds by town criers. The priest became the king’s declarative voice and advised the people of the ever lengthening list of rules and or-else edicts. Violation invited you to the inquisitional killing field. The beginning of latent psychological iconic edict was forming. The priests were not religious entities in their symbolic beginning; they were used as the liaisons between the king and his subjects. Threat was rewarded with obedience.

The brain does not recognize a word as real but only as a substitute, a replacement “analog” real, a copy of “the copy of the real.” We cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. That is the gist of Einstein’s quotation on knowledge.

On that fateful day Rome burned, from the ashes of disdain was born the institutional blinding empowered right we now call legalism. Human beings are seen as the property of each other, traded, fined and processed for profit. Men are products of their symbols. Due to the ignorance of what fear is in their lives, fear is seen as an enemy and can be ruled by force. We program our minds with made-up mechanical binary codes like computers with switching numerations for a dictated outcome. We are suspended in latent sense degeneration. We are in the last stage of a bio-stigma and maze-entangled deep pretense abyss. Biologically as long as we are in neural degradation, the use of binary robotics pseudo-communication shuts the passive sense down. The feeling of having no emotional center allows binary knowing to replace all memory based realizations of symbolic pretense. The Omega know what they do.

Everything appears to be disconnected at first. The process of analyzing this is the hardest part of getting through the elaborate maze of excuses made into empowered reasons. Convolutions are made for the Omega intent factor which is our social strain. Convolutions improve the power motive driven by the rulers of imperialism. Fortunately enough epigenetic threads still carry the original direct passive energy imprint feelings of the Historic Jesus. The biblical Christ made it clear that he did not come to play with the word peace or the investment in the empowered word that actually defined peace as a “forced organized slavery.”

Do we force cooperation by artificial reason based demands? Be honest, your inner sanctum will depend on it. We can no longer afford the cost of this icon worship forgery.

How the biological sense works is a grand phenomenon in and of itself as we are moved “to be.” Say the word “be.” How does it sound to you as opposed to the word “do?” To be moved to be real by real life energy is a gift to all. Say the word “real.” In a bio-dam constriction the human brain is desecrated by the use of unreal symbols abstracts. The empowered word depletes the neural brain’s passive energy structure and holds the entire human genesis bio-energy sentinel captive in time lock-down. Total logic sense recall is denied. We are afraid because we do not connect our feelings to our direct knowing. The dual sense extreme can no longer feed and nourish passive knowing recall. Evil, for a human creature, is mono-aphasic on-off, win-lose, all or nothing tooling en masse.

We fear these fully empowered icon converts who will kill on command. We are debased by those who hold power over the people by externally applied eye-conned subversion backed by guns and war machines. In biological fact we are in the same state of “inquisitional damnation” we were during the time of “the murder of the Christ.” People were becoming icon converts then. Mindless masked obedience for money and power.

How suggestive is the eye-con? What is subliminal coercion? Hats, badges, stripes and robes of mock authority have become prevalent. We have lived in the shadow of intent too long. Socrates felt the conditional hell as he was blessed with Genesis encoded energy counter confluence. He felt and translated for others who were also MOVED to be. Subsistence is from the Greek word for “to be” [being-ness]. The priests, the new icon religious pundits, predicated a new symbol’s redemption and changed the concept of the inner knowing or being-ness to mea-culpa or “my fault.” So at the push of a button, what was fear manipulation came up altered.

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