Aptitude and Ineptitude

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Let the Avatars loose. Everyone knows how people are processed as products for profit. Our false gods pay us very well with artificial ranks and roles. We obey what we do not trust and make believe we know what we are doing, but the obvious absence of biological question says we merely act, agree and pretend. Any worship of empowered symbols assumes fear must be the enemy.

Our bio-energy is off-line! We are in sense fracture! We can feel it, we feel pressured all the time to work, pay taxes on what we grovel for as we march toward our own death. Is it not that way? Kindness is a human bio-virtue but we can no longer be kind to one another without fear of legal reprisal. It is now against the law to be kind as authority makes money on laws and rule violations. Are we evolving or devolving?

What we actually understand about the living truth is embedded in energy codes, overlapping energy imprinted compositions that serve us directly which come from feeling direct knowing. Feeling is a universal language we need to teach, but is not yet authorized in schools. Our senses are bio-deficient right now. Man knows very little about the biological manifestations of the human brain, even less about what he does to it in the name of his well disclaimed artificial cures. For the most part, deceiving the biological brain is like deceiving God. Yet you are said to be in his image? If you are an expert in anything you are a high stakes player in the game control over the dormant puppet actors. Teaching a dog to sit, bark and beg is easy. If no voice is left in you – you go primal and fight just to survive. Do you feel insignificant, inept? Are you being compelled to fight? Then explore your feelings of why you feel that way.

It is not what you know that matters as much as who sanctioned that knowing. You work for the state, and your innocence takes over so you can think it can do no associated wrong. You assume you will not be held responsible for your wrong part in game as you leave your conscience at the icon door and carry out the many mundane orders given by the state. You are just doing your job. That is your excuse and their reason. You think you are immune from the living truth as you process human beings without one concern?

Why do we call everything that we overuse to escape the false real, “a vice” and why does the government quickly tax and fine and control all of these? How is the icon game going for you? Who is in the lead? Who is the next favorite to win? Where are you in the rank and file maze? Who are you rooting for? Is the icon monkey on your back? Are you paid well enough to live in your professionally decorated hell? Look inside yourself. What holds you together as a human being? How much of your life is hypocrisy?

The made-up word intention, which guarantees governments have preeminent authority, controls the word “future.” Intent is a legal pimp. Graduation, marriage, retirement and heaven are word carrots on a stick that keep us all obedient. We are street johns. All intent, all iconic meaning is agreed upon to-make-mean. We obey it as if it is a universal truth after the fact. Intent is the furthest from any living truth. How do we make slaves of our own senses? Intent-based ineptitude. Why? As authority over us so dictates! If there are thinking people, let them rise up. The result of the ever increasing erosion of our bio-intelligence creates a delusion that leads to a mass insanity and further perpetuates the systemic labeling disorder. The monkey of ineptitude finds us. Use your fear radar. In sense fracture, in a neural comatose state, we die inside for outside glitter. The brain’s real voice is a bio-neural galaxy of natural wonder, question and unity of being-ness.

The Omega strategists conspire by using the mask of iconic power to sack the minds of men. Credentials are merely a chain link fence. The fictitious binary criterion that makes up the “decision tree” that branches out to pronounce mental disorders is Barbed wire on a fence of morphology. Omega is trying to subvert genesis direct knowing, “the mover” that moves us to feel, to see, to clarify, question and to be. But why sell out humanity? It is the agreed “they” who want no personal un-taxable, unauthorized human value to exist without iconic judgement. How convenient to have that pristine authority over others. Was the word “intent” made god? We must awaken from this black-death. Power corrupts. “This far you may come but go no further!” Job 38:11. Symbols are pure vanity and pride sells. The end of what is called linear time is coming to a close.

The willing slaves of today, the little people are trained as children to obey. They submit and comply without one single “connoted thought.” You are in for a big surprise. What has been put in your head by your teachers, your mother and your father, will make you act and react with ineptitude. They are the ways set forth by a dark-age villainous Imperial king’s society long since defunct. The King’s court was legalism; called the Supreme Court today.

Like buttons being pushed you will feel the icon gravity. Be patient with your learning, after all no one encouraged you to think. You were taught only to process labels, tags and codes and play bit parts. The systemic, endemic neural decrepitude we all feel is an organic bio-energy dam. The world is out of control and is plummeting into another imperial darkness. Be forewarned! It does not have to happen. How do we stop the madness of idol worship? What does it actually mean to “feel” bad? Feeling bad is ineptitude, feeling good is aptitude. What occupies you most is ineptitude. Examine your fears.

No one wants to feel bad. Our search then is to realize what is making us feeling so uncomfortable so often. Not being able to trust one’s own feeling is a personal hell. Clarity is needed for your direct knowing. Do not trust what another tells you. Teachers are paid to deceive you into believing that her model is a set of sound rules and visual laws we can run with. Actually, hate and blame over others for profit is the true model. War is an egregious icon fabrication for symbols control-conquest. All icons make us feel uncomfortable. Look deep within where the answers are waiting for you.

Ask yourself how did all this happen and how we shall show others what is needed to change a world that has been totally noun bias brainwashed? Children are fitted for the shroud of self-hatred by the time they are five years old. All or nothing rote information goes into the memory part of the child’s brain disguised as innocent acceptable written and verbal command symbols we then must make believe are real. Children can feel this and it is this feeling data that is quarantined by Omega Strain. How many children feel self-forsaken from not being able to love as they are directed by the god of the human essence to do? Symbols act out a false love by compliance if you obey them.

Doctor Bruce Lipton is leading the way by discussing the epigenetic effects of armoring and nurturing. We might want to take this work seriously. Not very often does a scientist present such individual innovations. There are Avatars who brave the nature of the mono-aphasic systemic disorder and in their area of expertise, attempt to show how dangerous the masks of the Omega Strain are to human survival and evolution itself. Psychology is ready to drug anyone who dislikes this repugnant sports mentality social disorder.

When is enough, enough? When we all stop agreeing! What we seemingly must agree to say and do is a travesty to any real human intelligence. There is no government on this earth that does not act on its own behalf first. The king’s realm enlarged as more players joined rank. The game is run by those who demean anything in their way to get the prize. Law demands rule by law. The prize is forced binary grade causality, the voice of authority. Legalism and imperialism are identical scams.

What is the “little man” syndrome? The mask makes the little man think of himself as a big man. The blame for the big man’s action at the top is blamed all the way down to the bottom. Official inculpable blame is highly paid at the top. The best players want wealth not the succor of vain glory handed down to the systemic little man. The big man cannot be big without the fear of the little man to support his legacy.

Who would want to wear a mask but those who want to be “big men” of power, wealth and control? The Omega goal is to strategically control the bio-fear and feeling burden of the little people and to by-pass the great spiritual collective. Jesus Christ used his total feeling recall and his passive direct knowing. Isn’t that man’s goal to commercialize fear? The great spiritual cosmos is unfurling and the light will soon be upon us. Be ready.

Robotized human slavery is eminent. How many heads are full of authority-ridden profiling and de-humanizing threats applied as a cost of living clause no one can afford but the Omega Strain taskmasters? If you are OK with inhuman acts and, want to or not, are in a position to watch it all come down what does this say about where you are and who you are and what you are incapable of perceiving?

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