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Here is the problem. Man once expressed himself in a myriad of ways. Then he developed sound skills, within the isolation of certain groups, with some learning faster than others. Sounds became words/symbols for the real, and learning and repeating these agreed sounds became the basis of all-knowing. However, the conversion of the real to pretend symbols created a mental flux when single words were used to represent what was real in nature and life, then written down to be known as what was our intent values.

The HUB outline shows a central configuration of absolute and necessary biological function being subverted by symbols replication. The biological non-conformity, on a bi-level becomes a mirror image set by symbols demands, creating a serious psycho-span between direct knowing real and pretend-made-for belief symbols domination. AREA #1 shows how the mind receives and channels data from open-unified shared focus. No sense distorts the value of the others except the eye and ears mono-feed data. NOTE the ILLUSION gap shuts the mind’s focal properties down as biological error occurs. Pretending has caught up with us, biologically, causing mental breakdown, a long-term iso-morphological decay.

The degree of lateral separation compares to the amount of people living for and entering symbols domination. An estimated 75% of the world’s population are in serious biodeprivation and the rest are helpless and are TRAPPED inside the mono-aphasics/bio-stigma bubble, a belief bubble, related to the emotional bubble. From the remembered monoconstruct or advent symbols reality mankind is becoming demented and is biologically offline to its own dynamics. Here the genesis eye gives us this over-all view that renders a facsimile/proposal as to what is actually going on inside the human mind without binary prejudice, intent grade reason, fear word-based beliefs or agreed capital word pressurepretending, empowered reason.

he central EYE or HUB of activity is where all information is reduced to a biological event real. Genesis necessity. As the WILL exposes the outside world to the biological necessity of the innate-inside mind’s purpose and function reality, a confluence of synthetic real then affects the outer interactions. We have to ultimately deal with inner need which is excluded from the MEMORY MIND. Notice #1 on the INPUT circle, which represents the state of remembered, obedient doing, and the opposing reality of the state of being. Take now the inner circle which surround the star points, the OUTPUT AREA #2. The affected area. The bio-genetic infection.

Notice that there are five points on the inner circle between the tips of the five points on the star’s outer border which bridges the input field to the output field. The center is the hub of transition of, to and for the conversion of feeling into bio-data, what we sense as our STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS. The biological sovereignty of the body’s mind is the opening and closing criteria of quality taken from the dimensional information, the child Genesis starter voice, which is its five to the fifth power ability of the direct knowing ability before symbols implants produce a remembered flat-line mono-directives state of mind. A reactionary mind to be exact. The aperture of the central EYE is in biological terms . . . an OPEN mind.

Now notice the BIO-STIGMA area, also called the AFFECTATION area, which coincides with the back-door of the brain’s memory input mind, the Symbol’s impression on the brains function reducing it to a monolithic binary dysfunctional entity. This area is the origin of brain stigma causing cancer as the body’s mind is reduced to organic decay. The mind is put in suspension or what might be called a bio-function stall, based on forced compliance with an error as man was being converted to a binary word puppet. The living truth is not binary, is not agreed upon and stands alone at all times as a direct knowing NOW.

This protohypnosis, called black sleep, is brought on by extreme neural bio-irritations of eye/ ear over-use in and for extreme reduction or blockage of what would, in normal genesis brain function, be a biological bridge between the natural world and the senses, a triangulation synthesis of feeling-direct-knowing. The CONTINUITY RUPTURE, in the upper left corner, shows that the genesis boundary has been breached, producing a biological sabotage. What are we saying is simply this: the human being is mentally insane on a world scale, relying on the visual and auditory imprinting of binary symbols/words on the child brain. No one wants to face this, our fated mono-dimensional symbols/word failure, as an important and practical issue as yet. In the inverse, some want to believe that the single outcomes of the reality of the agreement processing of people into symbols is the answer. We now live a shadow box life, an empowered parody, guarded and armed, always in fighting stance. WHY?

Study this chart well, for it is a simple explanation of a complicated affair. We are in a decrepit mental state we created. Do not blame any god, imagined or real. Genesis is our biology as is god is our biology as well. That which spends all its time being guarded will be a thug mind; that which spends its time growing will be a nurtured mind. Our own biology wants to protect us. If it cannot, it dies from the inside out. Genesis has a voice, but it does not speak to those who do not listen, who do not have the ears to hear.

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