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Dan McCrory spent 37 years within the beast: AT&T. From poor, southern hick to clueless worker to union activist and finally to political candidate, McCrory had a ringside seat to the dismantling of a former monopoly as it transformed itself into a mean, lean machine for the 21st century. How did we get here? What does the future look like for working families? What can we do to prepare ourselves? 

Besides his book, Capitalism Killed the Middle Class, a finalist in the Page Turner Awards, Dan has written for the glamorous telecom industry, represented actor Cliff Robertson as a Hollywood publicist, cranked out political propaganda and advertising copy (yes, there is a difference usually), has edited a couple of books and was just published in California's Best Emerging Poets' 2020 anthology. He’s currently romancing Hollywood after finishing his Great American Novel You Will Forever Be My Always. He lives in Southern California.

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